GALvanize Interview: LA Chargers Josh Corcoran

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Coming into an NFL locker room as an undrafted free agent is no easy task. Josh has spent his whole life valuing hard work and showing the people who matter most to him just how dependable he can be. On and off the field he keeps those who motivate him close to him as he fights for his greatest opportunity yet.


iBeat Live Report 2018

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Live broadcast coverage for New York University Undergraduate Journalism. Despite it’s budding reputation as “SoBro, one of New York’s hottest new neighborhoods” according to Curbed NY, current Mott Haven residents struggle to access basic necessities like heat and running water. Community members react to this developmental boom through art and collaboration.
For NYU Now, Gabrielle Dunham reports and takes questions about the issues discussed in the piece.

South Bronx Natives Talk “SoBro”

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Despite it’s budding reputation as “SoBro, one of New York’s hottest new neighborhoods” current Mott Haven residents struggle to access basic necessities like heat and running water. Community members react to this developmental boom through art and collaboration. For NYU Now, Gabrielle Dunham reports.

CUNY Students Against Amazon

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Amazon recently announced they will be bringing their  “HQ2” and 25,000 jobs to Long Island City, Queens. The closed door negotiations between politicians and Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos surrounding this deal leaves CUNY students doubtful about the future. For NYU Now, Gabrielle Dunham reports.

The Big 3: Hottest Sports Headlines of the Week November 4 – November 11

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Gabrielle Dunham of NYU Undergraduate Journalism brings you her Big 3: The Hottest Sports Headlines of the Week.

Catch up on Le’veon Bell, Dez Bryant, and Jimmy Butler as Dunham reports the week’s top stories. The first edition in what will become a weekly series. Subscribe and leave comments below on headlines you want to see next.

A Day in the Life: Arianna Williams

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Arianna Williams, 19, starts her day recording a morning make up routine for her 10 thousand subscribers. Since its creation last year, her Beauty and Lifestyle YouTube channel has earned her almost $3,000.

IMG_0235Her channel has brought her credibility as a social media influencer for lifestyle brands like Glossier skin care and BodyBoss fitness. She values the business experience she gains through these partnerships. “I’m definitely still growing in terms of the business aspect,” said Williams.

IMG_0242YouTube monetizes video content once it has reached 1 thousand views and compensates for every thousand after that point.  “It’s frustrating too because how you title a video and the tags that you use in YouTube and even the title of the file you export it as can affect how the algorithm YouTube uses ranks your video,” said Williams.

IMG_0274Williams plans out her next sponsored content video with materials sent to her by BodyBoss Fitness on the set of her latest video.

IMG_0283.JPGWilliams being filmed by her Tisch Drama School classmate, Jenna. “As far as the business aspect, as a drama student, I use it [her channel] as self promotion,” said Williams. “It’s helpful to have more content for myself.”

IMG_0293At the request of viewers, Williams takes fans through a day in the life of an NYU drama student.Williams and Jenna are seen here studying for their tap dancing midterm on camera.

IMG_0306After a day of filming and organizing her content Williams sits down with snacks and her laptop to begin the editing process. Williams uses this process to express herself and reflect on her work “so that at least when I put up stuff I was at least proud of it,” said Williams.


Doggie Fall Fashion On Display at City Dog Park

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Charlie clad in his iconic red and black plaid scarf . Photo courtesy of Instagram

Charlie, better known as @Charlienycwheaten on Instagram strutted into Stuyvesant Square Dog Park  and paraded around in his signature red and black plaid scarf. Charlie was not the only fashion icon in the dog park.

Owners pulled out all the stops for their pups recently at this trendy dog park runway. Puppy-sized jean jackets over stylish heather-grey t-shirts, loose fitting sweaters and flannels, and even shoes or booties were sported by almost every dog in the dog park from Chihuahua to Doberman. It’s fall in New York City and the season’s dog fashions were on full display.

“They just look so cute,” said dog enthusiast Joan Mukogosi. “It’s like fashion week, but fluffier.”

Charlie’s Instagram following is consistently growing as his owners have turned his profile into a fashion blog for dogs of sorts. This wheaten terrier’s iconic look is the plaid scarves he wears.

“We get a lot of ideas for new dog trends coming to dog parks,” said  Charlie’s owner, Alyssa Pham.

The snazzy outfits didn’t stop the dogs from running, jumping, and playing. Packs ran together in search of a squirrel to chase or just shuffled and sniffed around. Others raced in laps around their owners or towards the balls and toys they tossed.

But even the most stylish outfits were not without utility.

Rocky, a French bulldog sported a denim vest over a stylish grey t-shirt with black booties. Rocky chased Charlie and Buck, a well-dressed pit bull. Buck was clad in an ombre red sweater that covered his front paws and draped over most of his back. The three dogs made a strong case for fashion forward, comfortable dog apparel.

Minnie, a shiba inu, was one of the few dogs in the park not sporting any fall apparel.

“I didn’t know dogs could still play like that when they’re dressed up,” said new dog owner, Kelsey Minnery.

But fashion forward dog owners want their dogs to be as stylish and comfortable as they are.

“I usually choose outfits for Buck based off what I want to wear,” said owner, Greg Adcock. “But his comfort is always the deciding factor, if he can’t run around and have fun it’s not worth it.”