A Day in the Life: Arianna Williams

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Arianna Williams, 19, starts her day recording a morning make up routine for her 10 thousand subscribers. Since its creation last year, her Beauty and Lifestyle YouTube channel has earned her almost $3,000.

IMG_0235Her channel has brought her credibility as a social media influencer for lifestyle brands like Glossier skin care and BodyBoss fitness. She values the business experience she gains through these partnerships. “I’m definitely still growing in terms of the business aspect,” said Williams.

IMG_0242YouTube monetizes video content once it has reached 1 thousand views and compensates for every thousand after that point.  “It’s frustrating too because how you title a video and the tags that you use in YouTube and even the title of the file you export it as can affect how the algorithm YouTube uses ranks your video,” said Williams.

IMG_0274Williams plans out her next sponsored content video with materials sent to her by BodyBoss Fitness on the set of her latest video.

IMG_0283.JPGWilliams being filmed by her Tisch Drama School classmate, Jenna. “As far as the business aspect, as a drama student, I use it [her channel] as self promotion,” said Williams. “It’s helpful to have more content for myself.”

IMG_0293At the request of viewers, Williams takes fans through a day in the life of an NYU drama student.Williams and Jenna are seen here studying for their tap dancing midterm on camera.

IMG_0306After a day of filming and organizing her content Williams sits down with snacks and her laptop to begin the editing process. Williams uses this process to express herself and reflect on her work “so that at least when I put up stuff I was at least proud of it,” said Williams.